A Twist of Water

A beautiful sermon encouraging parishioners to see TWIST

Posted by A Twist of Water on May 30, 2011

Thank you to The Reverand Rex E. Piercy for including A Twist of Water as part of the message of his lovely sermon, “From Emmaus to Jerusalem: Signs of Faithful Following” on May 15th, 2011 at The Congregational United Church of Christ in Arlington Heights, IL.

You can read the entire sermon HERE, and below is the passage where the Reverend speaks so eloquently about the play:

“Yesterday I attended a new play called “A Twist of Water.” It is a must see at the Mercury Theater on Southport. The playwright has woven the story of Chicago into the story of a gay man whose partner has died leaving him to raise a somewhat rebellious and angry teenage daughter on his own. At one point near the end of the play, he speaks as narrator and says that Chicago and its people are “moved by water and unearned hope.” Oh my when I heard those words, I thought so are we all as God’s children, moved by water and unearned hope. It is all grace. All grace.”

Such a beautiful sentiment honors and moves all of us, and we are so glad that the play reached the leader of this congregation. Thank you, Reverend Piercy.


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