A Twist of Water

Another mention by the Mayor, and more fantastic reviews of TWIST at The Mercury!

Posted by A Twist of Water on May 13, 2011

It’s an exciting week in Chicago, as one era ends and another begins. Our new Mayor Rahm Emanuel was interviewed by Time Out Chicago and talked about all the great performances he’s seen in Chicago since the election ended, including A Twist of Water when it was still playing at Theater Wit! Thanks, Mayor Emanuel! We’re so glad you came and that you had a memorable experience!!

Read the whole interview HERE.

Meanwhile, the reviews keep rolling in for the transferred production of TWIST at The Mercury Theater!

Colin Douglas of Centerstage Chicago recommends A Twist of Water as a MUST SEE:

“…a heart-rending, eloquent new play by Caitlin Montanye Parrish, collaborating with Erica Weiss, the production’s director. An homage to the perseverance of this “City of Big Shoulders,” it is also a tribute to every stalwart citizen who calls Chicago his home. Named for the ocean-like Lake Michigan upon whose shores it is located, the very nature of water shapes this story of love and survival. Played upon a simple set enveloped in rippled canvas, upon which John Boesche’s marvelous, sometimes animated historical projections flow, this play touches the heart with its spirit…Altogether, this exquisite cast bathes in the waters of truth.”

Read the whole review HERE.

Dan Zeff of Chicagoland Theater Reviews says:

I missed the original run and finally caught up with the transfer at the Mercury to see if all the original excitement was justified. It is! What is most admirable about “A Twist of Water” is its honesty… Parrish has written a splendid script and found a sensitive and insightful director in Erica Weiss… Stef Tovar’s performance as Noah elevates the evening to the exceptional…a master class in nuanced character exploration the viewer receives with wonder and gratitude.”

Read the whole review HERE.

Al Bresloff of Around The Town Chicago re-visited TWIST at The Mercury after raving about the show at Theater Wit:

“As a theater reviewer, attending 5-7 productions a week, it is not often that I find myself wanting to go back to a play that I just saw, one with the same cast, just a different house, but I am extremely glad that I did. They say that love is even better the second time around, and viewing this highly emotional story about love, love lost and love regained; about family and about how people, like a city can come back from almost fatal destruction to be strong once more; a story of hope and  truth- filled with marvelous dialog, some of which escaped on first viewing was a tremendous experience. I feel even stronger about this production than I did before!”

Read the original review and the whole updated rave HERE.

Then get your tickets now for performances through June 26th!! go to www.mercurytheaterchicago.com or call 773 325 1700!!


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