A Twist of Water

We are Jeff Recommended!

Posted by A Twist of Water on February 22, 2011

After a fantastic weekend of previews, A Twist of Water opened last night and a great time was had by all! Even if that great time did include a fair number of tears… we were so happy to have such a great crowd for opening night. The show has been Jeff Recommended! (The designation of “Jeff Recommended” is given to a production when at least ONE ELEMENT of the show was deemed outstanding by the opening night judges of The Joseph Jefferson Awards Committee. The entire production is then eligible for nomination for awards at the end of the season.)

By 1AM, Alan Bresloff of ‘Around the Town Chicago’ had beaten the pack with our very first review – a Five Star Review, at that!

Around The Town Chicago – Highly Recommended

“…This is a very moving and touching story directed with a great sense of feeling and heart by Erica Weiss, who helped to create this wonderful and moving story. The set by Stephen H. Carmody is mostly a video projection screen with projections designed by John Boesche and some marvelous phots of old Chicago making this almost a history of the birth and rebirth of our great city. On the eve of the 2011 Mayoral election, it would have been very cool to have all the candidates in the audience and see their reactions to this glorious story of our city and some of the people who call this their home! The music and sound by Lindsay Jones and the lighting by Sean Mallary are the icing on the cake of this marvelous theatrical experience. I will suggest that you bring some extra Kleenex with you as there are moments where your eyes will swell to the point where the tears cannot be held back.” (READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE)

The whole team is very proud and we can’t wait to see you at the theater! You have until March 20th to see the show, but don’t wait til the last minute to buy tickets! Go to www.theaterwit.org/boxoffice or call 773-975-8150.


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