A Twist of Water

The AV Club Chicago features “TWIST” in their Cheap Seats Theatre Section

Posted by A Twist of Water on February 17, 2011

The AV Club’s Oliver Sava interviewed playwright Caitlin Montanye Parrish and co-creator/director Erica Weiss for their “Cheap Seats” Theatre Section. Here’s an excerpt! Read the whole article HERE.

Best reason to try it: While the play’s subject matter is heavy, its two passionate creators use the Chicago setting to help bring the audience into the world of the play, creating characters and situations that should be familiar to anyone living in the city. Parrish’s script impressively captures the complicated family dynamic—especially in an emotionally devastating scene when Jira meets her birth mother—but there are also moments of intimacy and humor that keep the play from becoming overbearing. “I feel really strongly that when presenting a play that has ‘issues’ attached to it, if you want to move people, the best way to do so is just to present them through the lens of characters people can love and relate to, to the point where they don’t see the issues anymore,” says Weiss. “The best reason ultimately is that this is a play for Chicago. I think anyone who lives here has a feeling of Chicago pride, and the whole element of Chicago identity that runs through the play will make them feel like there is a play for them.”

“And the cast is really attractive,” Parrish adds.

Weiss concludes, “If you like boys kissing, you’ll love A Twist Of Water.”



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