A Twist of Water

An ordinary family.

Posted by Erica Weiss on December 18, 2010

Let me start by saying this: The Twist of Water blog is about a play, not politics. But whenever we tell stories about the human experience that try to get at a deeper truth, we may find ourselves entwined with politics. And some days remind us of this fact more than others.

Today we woke up to the news that the United States Senate would pass a bill to repeal the law known as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” That’s a pretty good day. And ultimately, what’s it about? It’s about acknowledging that gay Americans are part of the fabric of American life, and always have been, fighting and dying for their country, and should be able to live openly, not concealing their families or partners for fear of losing their jobs. That’s it. Pretty ordinary stuff.

One of the driving ideas behind A Twist of Water was to portray a so-called non-traditional family (gay parents, adopted child) as an ordinary family like any other. They face some unique challenges, as the play clearly demonstrates, such as, until recently when President Obama signed a bill into law, not being able to visit one’s partner in the hospital to say goodbye as they passed away. That’s not a political moment, it’s a family moment, a human moment – but one that is made irreparably worse by political forces.

It has been pretty thoroughly documented that knowing a gay man or woman personally is the greatest antidote to homophobia. We have to see each other as people, in all our utter ordinariness, to accept each other for who we are and whom we love. The theatre can, at its best, show us human truths and reflect our hopes and fears back to us. A Twist of Water will introduce the audience to a widowed, gay, Caucasian father named Noah, raising an adopted African-American daughter named Jira. An ordinary family. End of story.

I look forward to creating and facilitating great discussion with this show. Please watch this video and consider making a pledge of support in order to make the telling of this story possible.

Thanks for reading.



One Response to “An ordinary family.”

  1. Naomi said

    Simply and beautifully made point about life and about theater. So looking forward to “Twist”.

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