A Twist of Water

32 Sweet Degrees in Hell

Posted by caitlinmparrish on December 11, 2010

Some noxious rumors have been floating around. Some hateful piece of filth has been goin’ around telling my friends that I’ve moved to Los Angeles, OF ALL PLACES. And for what purpose? To write for film and television. Like a whore.

They are not so much rumors and they are factual accounts of what’s taken place. My bad. However! There’s a silver lining on both the Chicago snow clouds and Los Angeles smog banks, and it’s this:

February 2011 will mark the world premiere (and fancy Equity) production of my new play A Twist of Water.

Thoroughly. Baller.

A little more than a year ago my artistic wife Erica Weiss and I set out to write a surreal comedy about a plucky ten year-old girl intent on punching the world’s homophobia in the face. What emerged was a realistic drama about a man raising his adopted daughter alone in the wake of his husband’s death.

(To those members of my family who bet me I couldn’t write a comedy: Your certified traveller’s cheques for $1 will be postmarked and mailed once Miley Cyrus pays a sizable loan back to me.)

And now, a scant year and change after that first execrable draft, that second tolerable draft, a third enjoyable draft, several public readings, and a whole lotta luck, my new play is being given a full production by Chicago’s Route 66 Theatre Company.

I must discuss the rarity of such an occurrence.

New plays do not receive equity productions. They just don’t. Unless you’re Kris Diaz or Tanya Saracho or some other unbelievably attractive and talented motherfucker I don’t get to be. So, that I’m receiving one is strange and bewildering, an event on par with the Chicago Bears leading their division (BEAR DOWN).

But such is the magic of Chicago, a place where Patrick Kane can shut down the city with a final, ass-beating hockey goal. A place where DIY storefronts can flourish for twenty years without a moment’s creative compromise. And, on this 75 degree day in Los Angeles, I would like to thank the currently freezing Chi-town, for just being great. Thanks, Chicago. You’re great. Also, Route 66. You are great.

And now begins the collaborative process! WHOO! To help express my feelings, here’s a clip of a son of Chicago and a son of Louisville. Enjoy.


One Response to “32 Sweet Degrees in Hell”

  1. Route 66’s official stance is that going from Chicago to LA is, in fact, a perfectly acceptable path… as long as you travel back and forth.

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